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You may already be familiar with the positive role that emotional intelligence (EI) plays in business performance and success. But many marketers have yet to explore the idea of applying EI to their promotional strategies. Loosely defined as an ability to recognize and manage both your own emotions, and the emotional responses of others, studies show that 90 percent of top business performers possess high levels of emotional intelligence.

The United States Postal Service is offering six promotional programs in 2017, aimed at increasing mail volumes by offering incentives to mailers. Starting with the first Mobile Barcode incentive back in 2011, the Postal Service continues to put incentive programs in place for mailers to take advantage of postage discounts or rebates for submitting mailings that meet the promotion requirements.

If you think of marketing as a building, the pillars that give marketing structure are advertising, direct mail, sales, promotions, public relations and online marketing. The most successful franchisors have been able to break down the six pillars of marketing, assign the appropriate resources, track their return on investment and continue to fine-tune and adapt as the results vary. Following are the most important aspects of these pillars.